Christopher recently moved to Winnipeg to take a position in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of Winnipeg, for whom he has directed La La La Dispute and King Lear. He also just wrapped up a stint as text coach for Shakespeare in the Ruins’ production of Merchant of Venice. In his pre-Manitoban existence, Christopher was one of the founders of The Georgian Theatre Festival, where he directed The Play’s the Thing, Festival Follies: A Vaudeville Review, Marion Bridge, 1837:The Farmer’s Revolt, and As You Like It. Christopher was also the Artistic Director of The Vicious Gossip Group (Rumours of Our Death, Measure for Measure, Bonjour, La, Bonjour, Emma Zunz, The Power of the Dog). Christopher was a regular instructor and director for The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts (Pippin, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, A Chorus Line and Into the Woods). He was also an instructor at York University. His production of Morris Panych’s The Story of a Sinking Man, starring Arne MacPherson, is also appearing in Venue #2.