is a 22 year-old freelance web developer, designer,consultant based in Winnipeg, Canada. Adam spends most of his daysstudying for his Computer Engineering degree at the University ofManitoba. Although he has a passion for everything web-related(particularly in the fields of design, standards, and usability) andspends his spare time using his Mac as an experimentational platformto explore and document this interest, among other things.
He's a true perfectionist; sees everything as a potential photograph;has the recessive trait for tongue curling; can't do cartwheels; isproudly Canadian; and when very young, nearly drowned. Although lovesthe murky Manitoba waters now. He enjoys dismantling electronicdevices into as many pieces as possible to see how they work, themore expensive the better. Time is his biggest enemy. He can say thealphabet backwards in under 6 seconds, but reserves this uniquetalent for special occasions. He has a disturbing addiction toTetris. And he sometimes wonders why these paragraphs are written inthe third person.